Equine Healthcare


The horse is a close companion in both our lives and our works.

As horse racing becomes an increasingly popular sport, professional healthcare service and advanced medical devices are required for racehorses. From diagnosis to treatment and monitoring, Mindray Animal Medical offers high-end solutions for the healthcare of racehorses.

Our premium ultrasound systems can be applied to identifying horse obstetrics and genital diseases, heart diseases, and sports injuries such as tendonitis. Various transducer options are available, including linear transducers, convex transducers ,and phased array transducers. The portable ultrasound systems also offer more flexibility for veterinarians while diagnosing different diseases.

During surgery, accurate monitoring of multiple parameters ensures anesthesia safety. Our reliable infusion systems also enable precise medication administration.

We also developed In-vitro diagnostic solutions dedicated to horses, delivering more accurate test results in hematology, biochemistry, and PCR analysis.

Medical Imaging

Vetus EQ

Equine Ultrasound Image System

Artwork of Industrial Design

8 hours scanning powered by U-Bank
The lightest and thinnest design in the industry

3 kg   44 mm

Comprehensive Application
MSK Abdomen Reproduction
L13-3Ns C5-1s 6LE5Vs
Direct Workflow

One second selection of Equine exam mode

OR Solution

ePM 12M Vet

Portable Multi-Parameter Veterinary Monitor

With functioning intelligence and an easy-to-use operating system, the ePM 12M Vet provides excellent performance and precise physiologic parameters. Its modular design and high-end parameters offer practitioners more choices in practical applications.

Smart & Simple

Excellent Performance

Reliable Quality

BeneFusion eSP/eVP/eDS Vet

Veterinary Infusion & Syringe Pump Series

The e series vet infusion pump with 3.5" capacitive screen allows all parameters and common infusion statuses to be viewed easily and without having to navigate between menu layers. The pump status can also be remotely viewed from Mindray CMS Vet software. Dynamic pressure monitoring, SmartRapid™, and SmartAIR™ technologies safeguard patients from pump error.

Efficient and Convenient

Enhanced Safety

Easy to Manage

Vetina CS3

Veterinany Rigid Endoscope System

The Vetina CS3 is specially developed for veterinary practices. With a full HD camera system, it is applicable in a wide range of scenarios. The 27” full optical bonding medical monitor and powerful 3-chip image processing device provides greater richness of details, and the lightweight hand piece offers a more comfortable operating experience.

HyLED 580 Vet

Veterinary LED Surgical Light

Incorporating Mindray Animal Medical's high-end LED surgery technology, the HyLED 580 Vet series provides LED illumination with 3 installation options: wall hanging, ceiling, or mobile, meeting the specialized needs of different hospitals. An antibacterial coating inhibits the growth of staphylococcus aureus to help prevent intraoperative contamination and nosocomial infection, aiding animal safety.

Antimicrobial Design

Excellent Illumination

Laboratory Diagnostics

Large Sample Volume

BC-5000 Vet

Auto Hematology Analyzer

BC-5000 Vet is a state-of-the-art 5-part hematology analyzer. The intuitive operation makes it the flagship of your clinic

Species Specific Algorithm

Accurate 5-Part WBC Differentials

BS-240 Vet

Chemistry Analyzer

BS-240 Vet ensures the test result's accuracy and reliability. It offers customizable test panels.

Top-notch Performance

Sample Batch Programming

Flexible Menu

Small Sample Volume

BC-30 Vet

Auto Hematology Analyzer

BC-30 Vet is a powerful, compact 4-part hematology analyzer with highly functional features. It is reasonably priced, cost-effective, and perfect for your equine sample analysis.

Precise Eosinophil Measurement

Instrument Thrives Even in a Cold Environment

Zero Daily Maintenance

Vetube 30

Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Vetube 30 is built-in with advanced microfluidic technology. The diluent and lyophilized reagent reset in the rotors — the software is equipped with a factory preset horse reference range.

Accurate and Credible Test Results

Integrated Design

Maintenance Free

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