Mindray Animal Medical Sets Sail for
a New Voyage in New Headquarters



Mindray Animal Medical will hold our core belief in bring equal access to high-quality healthcare for animals, making ongoing efforts to become a global, large-scale, and renowned leading enterprise in the animal medical industry.

———— Li Xiting
Chairman of Mindray Group

Live Report

On October 22, 2021, Shenzhen Mindray Animal Medical Technology Co., Ltd (short as Mindray Animal Medical) held a grand ceremony in the new headquarters in Longhua District, Shenzhen. The relocation marks the official arrival of Mindray Animal Medical in Guanlan Yensun Science and Technology Park and sets a new journey of fast development.

We were honored to have the following guests attending the ceremongy:

Wang Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Longhua District and other officials from Longhua District.

Li Xiting, the Chairman of Mindray Group and other executives from Mindray Group.

Chen Xing (Raymond), General Manager of Mindray Animal Medical and Li Xia (Lisa), Deputy General Manager of Mindray Animal Medical.

Representative and leaders in various fields of the animal medical community: Lin Degui, Chairman of the China Small Animal Medical Association; Yi Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Veterinary Hospital of South China Agricultural University; Lai Xiaoyun, Secretary-General of the East and West Small Animal Veterinary Conference; Li Wanbang, Vice President of New Ruipeng Pet Healthcare Group.

Also, we were honored to have other foreign representatives in China, industry experts, hospital directors, representatives of distributors, representatives of companies in Yensun park, media, and Mindray Animal Medical staff joining the housewarming ceremony.

Peter Kronen, former chairman of Association of Veterinary Anesthetists (AVA), and Eric C. Lindquist, former president of the International Veterinary Ultrasound Society, both sent their congratulatory videos on behalf of all our international experts.

The ceremony was a tremendous success, with our friends and partners joining us.

Congratulations to Mindray Animal Medical for its relocation and burgeoning development. Longhua District will strive to create a first-class business environment and help Mindray Animal Medical develop and grow in this land of innovation. We hope to create a bright future with Mindray Animal Medical, together making a more significant contribution.

———— Wang Wei
Secretary of the Party Committee of Longhua District.

Mindray Group has more than 30 years of experience, benefiting from professional R&D, manufacturing, and marketing teams, committed to being a leading force in protecting animal health. We will persistently strive to become a global, large-scale, renowned pioneer in the animal medical industry. We want to thank all our strategic partners for their continuous support.

———— Li Xiting
Chairman of Mindray Group

My acquaintance with Mindray dates back to 2017. I was so impressed by the visit to Mindray Group's headquarters that I immediately purchased a complete set of Mindray equipment when I was back to work. I believe that Mindray Animal Medical will live up to the standards of Mindray Group and drive the progress of animal medical industry.

———— Prof. Lin Degui
Chairman of the China Small Animal Medical Association

Wish Mindray Animal Medical the best of luck, as it is now starting a new journey in this ever more prosperous time.

———— Yi Hui
Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Veterinary Hospital of South China Agricultural University

Mindray Animal Medical is good at focusing on resolving the industry's toughest challenges. It provides quick feedback on the needs of veterinarians and one-stop medical equipment solutions for various specialties, with great sympathy, a strong sense of responsibility, and the best quality.

———— Lai Xiaoyun
Secretary-General of the East and West Small Animal Veterinary Conference

Mindray Animal Medical dedicates itself to innovation and research, which is a great blessing for animal medical industry. New Ruipeng Group has maintained close cooperation with Mindray Animal Medical over the past decades and will enter a new phase of deeper partnership in the future.

———— Li Wanbang
Vice President of New Ruipeng Pet Healthcare Group

Due to the COVID-19, overseas experts and distributors who work closely with Mindray Animal Medical were not able to attend the ceremony, but they sent videos from Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, the USA, Brazil, and other regions. They all expressed their gratitude to Mindray Animal Medical and their expectation for further cooperation in the future.

And More...

On the day of the event, guests also visited our headquarters Mass Manufacturing Center and showroom to get a more comprehensive understanding of the company's "hard and soft power."

Mindray Animal Medical - Mass Manufacturing Center

The Mass Manufacturing Center of Mindray Animal Medical headquarters has three areas and eight production lines. The workshops are information-based and automated, enabling large-scale production and scientific management.

Optical assembly room for hematology analyzers
Production line of anesthesia machines
Production line of ultrasound imaging Equipment

Mindray Animal Medical - Headquarters Showroom

The theme of the showroom at the headquarters of Mindray Animal Medical is "with you, every step of the way." The exhibition has seven modules: Prologue, Animal Hospital Solutions, Scientific Research Solutions, Large Animal Solutions, Exotic Animal Solutions, Honors, and Staff Gallery. The showroom is fresh and straightforward, with realistic simulation and digital form to fully demonstrate the advantages of Mindray Animal Medical's product lines and wide range of application scenarios.

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