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BC-30 Vet

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At Mindray we provide ourselves on our dedication and experience in developing better solutions for veterinary labs. With over 20 years of experience in the hematology field, Mindray has always strived to meet and exceed customers’ requirements with innovative solutions. The newly launched BC-30 Vet hematology analyzer is the culmination of that effort with true 4-part differentiation. Compact yet powerful, full featured yet affordable.

  • CBC+4-DIFF, 23parameters including Eos#, Eos% Accurate measurement of Eosinophil gives more diagnostic information
  • Throughput: 38T/H (Temparature≥25℃)
  • Temperature control system maintains reaction temperature, giving stable results even in cold environment
  • Intuitive onboard software with 8.4 inch TFT touch screen
  • Open vial sampling
  • 100,000 results storage with histograms
  • Original QC, calibrators and reagents
  • Weekly instead of daily maintenance, lower cost
  • Dog, Cat, Horse, Monkey, Rat, Mouse, Rabbit, Pig, Sheep, Cow, Goat, Camel, Llama+20 self-defined animals


No hassle in having to connect an extra cable

Micro sample volume at 9.0μL

Micro sample volume aspiration,Exclusive parameters including Eos#, Eos%

User-friendly interface

TFT touch screen together with our powerful software enhances users'' operation and experience

Built in printer

Timely print out of reports without having to setup a separate printer

One-button query

Simple search by Sample ID yields all associated test results and graphics in one screen

Easy to identify alarm promptly

Red, yellow and blue color alarms representing three levels of malfunction, giving you more intuitive and easy to observe changes in instrument status

Patented sample aspiration button

More convenient and practical

Lyse stored internally,
reagent sensor offers accurate calculation

Lyse stored internally with sensors that detect volume and usage, reducing waste and cost

Flags for abnormal samples

Providing more intuitive clinical information by different flags

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