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VetiX P8

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VetiX P8

VetiX, the brand new professional veterinary Digital Radiography solution of Mindray Animal Medical, offers quality and safe diagnosis images for animals. VetiX P8 with the advanced X-Ray technology , provides powerful and stable output for user conveniences. Moreover, packaged with the simple workflow, dedicated smart design and complete software applications make it the ideal DR system for your animal practice.

Quality ensures Safety

  • All-in-one Generator: long service life X-Ray tube with auto focus spots, 8“ touch screen with all operation in your fingers
  • High performance Digital Detector: large size with new Cesium Iodide materials, IPX4 waterproof, higher stability and resolution ratio
  • Ultra-low radiation leakage: connection parts with double lead-sealing technology, less X-ray leakage ensures the operation safety

Larger Display
8“ LED touch screen
Full finger gesture control

Stronger Function
8 kw output
Cover all companion animals

Longer Lifetime
80,000 exposures tube
Longer lifetime, less pollution

Professional Vet Workstation

New designed veterinary workflow with intuitive operations, which enables the X-Raying of any kind of animal in just THREE steps.

  • Intuitive dog & cat anatomic graphic user interface makes it easy to choose the exam mode by one touch.
  • Auto matching the exposure parameters and auto optimizing the image quality.
  • Dedicated tools: VET measure formulas, comments, reports templates.


Robust & versatile design
  • Integrated mechanical structure for easy cleaning
  • Smart components with ultra-easy installment
  • Versatile usage covering all companion animals
All-in-one X-Ray generator
  • Innovation combination main unit design
  • 8’’ touch screen with all operation in your fingers
  • Dual laser pointer collimator, intelligent display
High sensitivity digital detector
  • High sensitivity based on TFT technology
  • Durable design with solid body
  • 14“ *17“, Cesium Iodide materials

IPX4 waterproof

Space saving at every practice
  • Table free movement, diagnosis anywhere
  • Anti-hair wheels with fasten brake system
  • Small footprint for space saving

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