Veterinary 4K Rigid Endoscopy System

Vetina CS7

4K UHD Veterinary-Specific
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True Colors And Higher Resolution

4K UHD Image

3840×2160 resolution; 4x the resolution of an HD image, with more vivid texture for accurate recognition

Wide Color Gamut

Represents organs and tissues in real color, perfect identification of blood vessels, lymph nodes, and nerves.

25-150mm Extended

Focus remains clear while switchingbetween multiple operating scenes.

55"Immersive Experience

  • Provide a better immersion experience
  • Eliminate other interference
  • Help surgeons improve concentration
  • Bring an innovative operating experience
  • Image can be enlarged 4 times without reducing the resolution
  • Effectively reduces surgeon visual fatigue

Built-in USB Recording

  • UHD /FHD photo capture and video recording
  • Easy recording with just one click
  • With bookmark function, it is convenient for video record review and post-editing
  • Convenient sharing and clear projection display on academic events
  • Meets advertising demands of private animal hospitals



Trolley TITAN

  • Support a 55-inch large screen
  • Four casters with brakes
  • The innovative structural design ensures convenient moving

Cable Management

  • The camera cup holder combined with the cable hook to prevent

7” Touch Panel

  • The main functions are available with only one touch
  • 10 °tilt up screen is easier for observation
Anti-Fogging HD Endoscope


* 25 ~ 150mm

extended depth of field

Special anti-fog



avoids lens distortion


Suitable for veterinary applications

* Marked as LP5430M Endoscope parameters
LP530 Endoscope's depth of field is 10-100mm

4K Medical Grade Monitor
  • 55" & 31" inch selectable
  • IMAX in Operating Room
  • Direct bonding Technology,Reduce reflection interference
Veterinary Insufflator
Vetina GS7
  • Mindray's exclusive algorithm provides stable pressure
  • Preset values specific for veterinary medicine
  • Four insufflation modes available
  • Gas heating to body temperature
  • Smoke evacuation function
Veterinary Light Source
Vetina LS7
  • Comparable to the brightness of a xenon light source
  • Long-term use to maintain low temperature Service life of 30,000 surgeons

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