Vetus 50

Mindray Animal Medical's amazing new practical veterinary ultrasound Vetus 50 provides an excellent experience for all veterinary specialists.

Incredible Images
Intelligent Tools
Innovative Designs

Enjoy the Incredible Images

Dedicated Presets

With rich and dedicated image presets, veterinarians can obtain clear images without adjusting many image parameters.

ComboWave Transducer with 3T Technology

Compared with traditional transducers, ComboWave transducer dramatically optimize the acoustic spectrum and reduce acoustic impedance.

Further integrated with Mindray Animal Medical's unique 3T technology, the ComboWave transducers allow you to experience outstanding performance with extreme image resolution and uniformity.

Enjoy the Professional Functions

Natural Touch Elastography

Mindray Animal Medical's patented Natural Touch Elastography technology provides an accurate and reproducible assessment of soft tissues' elastic properties and stiffness.

HR Flow

An innovative technology to better visualize tiny vessels and complex flow patterns, based on Mindray Animal's exclusive processing algorithm.

HD Scope

By processing channel data collected by the next-generation platform, HD Scope can improve the detail information and image contrast on specific area.

Smart Calc

Encircle the boundary of the lesion and acquire an accurate measurement.

Enjoy the Comprehensive Learning Tools

Vetus 50 has a series of learning tools to help veterinarians shorten the learning curve , and quickly master ultrasound scanning skills.


iScanHelper is a convenient built-in tutorial for both beginner and experienced professionals.


Standardized protocols support a proficient and consistent scan for each clinical application.


iMeasure suggests potential or suspected clinical conditions immediately on the screen

Enjoy the Innovative Designs


iLight can provide the appropriate brightness to complete procedures safely and conveniently.

Easy to move

Vetus 50 offers great flexibility, moving the system for easy access is seamless.

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