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Mindray Vetus series offer the professional veterinary solution to a wide variety of species ranging from small pets to large farm animals.

Vetus 5Exp is a cost-effective veterinary ultrasound imaging system with multiple intelligent functions. Configured with brand new VETUS platform, making it easily meet the increasingly diversified veterinarian demands.

Incorporating the dedicated animals image presets, simple workflow, and veterinary protective design promise an ideal ultrasound system for your everyday practice.

Dedicated Animal Presets
  • Professional ultrasound image presets according to different animals’ body characteristics
  • Animal species are subdivided to different categories by weight and body size for precise diagnosis
  • Veterinary recognized measurement formula presets, easily user-defined modification

Simple Veterinary Workflow
  • Transducers and the corresponding exam modes are displayed in the same interface, select or switch within 1 second
  • Recent 4 modes are presented at hand, one-key to switch the frequently-used exam mode
  • Super smart touch screen supports powerful multi-touch operation

Powerful Veterinary Tools
  • Auto measurement: Auto PW, Auto CW maximize the productivity for easy-accurate-scanning
  • Dedicated application packages: Abdomen/Cardiology/Reproduction/Small Parts
  • Resourceful tools: vet formula/comment library/animal body mark/report template


Automated workflow guide iWorks standardize and simplify the vet Abdomen/Cardiology workflow, allowing more focus on the animal diagnosis

Abdomen & Reproduction
  • One Probe Solution: support abdominal, reproduction and basic heart ultrasound
  • Smart Bladder: automatic calculation of the bladder volume
  • UWN Contrast Imaging: non-invasive assessment of animal abdomen organs with easy workflow


Micro convex array for small-sized animal


Convex array for large-sized animal

Superficial & Musculoskeletal
  • iNeedle: biopsy needle enhancement and guidance
  • iScape View: real-time Panoramic Imaging to extend the field of view
  • Elastography Imaging: displaying the tissue stiffness for precise evaluation


High frequency linear array for multi-sized animal


High frequency linear array for small-sized animal

  • Free Xros M-Anatomical M mode: up to 3 sample lines to detect more details
  • TDI-Tissue Doppler Imaging with complete 4 modes (TVI/TVD/TVM/TEI): wall motion analysis for myocardial function
  • TDI QA-Tissue Doppler Imaging with Quantitative Analysis: analysis of myocardium motion with strain/strain rate


Mid/high-frequency phased array for mid and small-sized species


High-frequency phased array for small-sized species


Low-frequency phased array for large species

*More transducers can be supported, please contact your local sales representative for further details.

Guarantee of safety and stability:
EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)

the highest anti-interference level ensures the stability of imaging quality.

Class B (Power supply requirement)

the lower AC power requirement offers you more safety and compatibility in any complicated environment.

iPower (built-in battery)

Large battery supports scanning for more than 80 minutes enhances the continuity of your daily work even when the power supply is poor, and ensures the mobility.

Dedicated protective design for veterinary practice

For veterinary ultrasound diagnostic systems, it is of great importance to protect the machine from getting dirty by animal hairs, body liquid and dust, which ensure high capability, reliability and long service life.

Keypad protective silicon film, anti-liquid and anti-animal hairs

Integrated control panel, easy cleaning and anti-dust design

Transducer cable management, design for regular and protection

Transducer port cover, protecting the unit from dust and animal hairs

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