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To meet the diverse demands of the veterinary practice, a revolutionary premium ultrasound system is introduced — Vetus 9. Powered by ZONE Sonography™ Technology+ (ZST+), Vetus 9 brings ultrasound imaging performance for animals to the next level.Vetus 9 provides excellent solutions with dedicated veterinary applications, leading image quality, superb diagnostic tools, and efficient workflow.

Powerful ZST+ Platform

ZST+ platform is an extraordinary innovation, representing an ultrasound technology evolution. Transforming ultrasound metrics from conventional beam-forming to channel-based processing.

Zone Imaging

Zone Imaging can transmit and receive a relatively smaller number of larger sonographic zones, so as to capture real-time images of animals of all species.

Line-by-line Acquisition       

Traditional Beam-forming    

Advanced Acoustic Acquisition      

ZONE Sonography™ Technology+     

Zone Focusing

ZST+ platform realized the zone focusing throughout the whole field of view with dynamic pixel focusing technology, ensuring the images from superficial skin to deep organs of any animals are in the focus state in real-time.

Multiple Focusing Based
On Traditional Beamforming

Traditional Focusing

Dynamic Pixel Focusing Based
On ZONE Sonography™

ZONE Sonography™ Technology+

Zone Processing

ZST+ captures and stores the complete acoustic raw data set. The acquisition and storage of ultrasound raw data can ensure diagnostic accuracy and improve imaging resolution.

Focus on Diagnosis

Abdomen Solution
Focal lesion diagnosis with perfusion -- UWN+ Contrast Imaging

It detects and utilizes both the 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals, generating significantly enhanced images, resulting in greater sensitivity of minor signals and longer agent duration with lower MI.

Innovative stiffness assessment -- STE

The Sound Touch Elastography (STE) delivers real-time 2D shear wave elastography imaging. It provides quantitative analysis based on tissue stiffness assessment.

Cardiology Solution
Quantitative analysis of myocardial movement and synchronization -- TDI QA

TDI QA with max 8 ROI enables simultaneous analyses of 8 regions of myocardium, inclusive of the speed of myocardial movement, myocardial strain, strain rate, and myocardial synchrony.

Angle-independent myocardial movement evaluation -- TT QA

Tissue Tracking with Quantitative Analysis (TT QA) tracks the myocardial motion by detection of 2D speckle patterns and provides angle-independent and precise evaluation of myocardial movement.

Speed up Your Scanning

Superb User Experience
Intelligent control panel -- iConsole

Based on six special E-ink keys with digital screens, iConsole can adaptively adjust the layout and key functions during exam shifts.

Thoughtful Design for Optimal Convenience


23.8'' bezel-less full-screen with large images for immersive experience

Eye protection monitor with adaptive brightness adjustment


15.6'' full-HD touch screen with intuitive interaction

Short-cut switch of latest used transducers and exams


5 transducers with elevated design for comfortable connecting


26dB user-friendly design for a quiet operating experience

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