The horse is a close companion in both our lives and our works.

As horse racing becomes an increasingly popular sport, professional healthcare service and advanced medical devices are required for racehorses. From diagnosis to treatment and monitoring, Mindray Animal Medical offers high-end solutions for the healthcare of racehorses.

Our premium ultrasound systems can be applied to identifying horse obstetrics and genital diseases, heart diseases, and sports injuries such as tendonitis. Various transducer options are available, including linear transducers, convex transducers ,and phased array transducers. The portable ultrasound systems also offer more flexibility for veterinarians while diagnosing different diseases.

During surgery, accurate monitoring of multiple parameters ensures anesthesia safety. Our reliable infusion systems also enable precise medication administration.

We also developed In-vitro diagnostic solutions dedicated to horses, delivering more accurate test results in hematology, biochemistry, and PCR analysis.

Medical Imaging System

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