Exotic Animals

Mindray Animal Medical is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities by sharing advanced medical technologies that support veterinarians and activists in enhancing the well-being of exotic animals. From birds including falcons and cockatiels, mammals ranging from rodents like guinea pigs to mustelids like ferrets, to reptiles covering lizards and snakes, we care them beyond land boundaries.

Our comprehensive range of ultrasound imaging solutions includes a variety of transducers and built-in tools, catering to the diverse medical examination, disease diagnosis, and breeding requirements of different rare species.

Through years of research and practical experience, we have gained a deeper understanding of exotic animals and their physiology. This knowledge enables us to develop tailored solutions suitable for various types of exotic animals.

Our operating room solution incorporates top-notch animal anesthesia equipment, multiparameter patient monitoring systems, and reliable infusion systems. These advancements reduce anesthesia risks and enhance the safety of animals during procedures.

Medical Imaging Systems

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