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Shenzhen Mindray Animal Medical Technology Co., LTD. (short as Mindray Animal Medical), as a new wholly-owned subsidiary of Mindray Group, is dedicated to providing advanced medical devices and comprehensive solutions for animals, including companion animals, farm animals, equine, and exotic animals.

We are committed to offering equal access to high-quality healthcare by meeting different demands of veterinarians to care for a wide variety of animals.

With a broad portfolio of products covering medical imaging systems, patient monitoring & life support, and In-Vitro diagnostics of animals, we're improving the healthcare experience for animals and enhancing confidence for animal caregivers.


We have been continuously investing in R&D to ensure our products and solutions are developed to address the real challenges animals and veterinarians face in various clinical scenarios. With customer insights and technological innovations, we create a more efficient workflow and customer experience for veterinarians in their daily clinical practices.


Vetus 7

Hero model of Vet Color Doppler Ultrasound System


BeneFusion SP1/SP3/VP1/VP3 Vet

Veterinary Pump



Vet Anesthesia Workstation



Vet Premium Color Doppler Ultrasound System



Mindray's first Vet Anesthesia Workstation


BC-5000 Vet

Mindray's first 5-diff Vet Auto Hematology Analyzer


DC-N3 Vet

Mindray's first Vet Cart-based Ultrasound System


SK Series

Mindray's first Vet Syringe / Infusion Pump



Mindray's first Vet Portable Doppler Ultrasound system


DP-50 Vet

Vet Portable Ultrasound System


PM-60 Vet

Mindray's first Vet Portable Pulse Oximeter


BC-2800 Vet

Mindray's first 3-diff Vet Auto Hematology Analyzer


PM-9000 Vet

Mindray's first Vet Monitor


DP-3300 Vet

Mindray's first Vet B/W Portable Ultrasound System

Global Business

As a fast-growing business player in the animal healthcare industry, we have built a global footprint, with our products and solutions serving around 100 countries and regions over the world.


In China, we are working with over 15,000 animal hospitals and clinics, and over 70% of veterinary research institutions. We have built partnerships with many leading veterinary universities and experts.

In addition, we're providing healthcare support for exotic animals by working together with Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Sichuan Longqiao Bear Rescue Center, Yangtze River - Hubei Yichang Regional Nature Reserve for Chinese Sturgeon along with many others.

Many leading global veterinary institutions have chosen us as their technological partner. Our products and solutions have been widely recognized by the international markets worldwide including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and more.

We are committed to facilitating comprehensive and continuous education and communication among the veterinary community. In 2020, we organized over 60 educational seminars and webinars to help veterinarians develop their knowledge and skills in medical imaging, anesthesia, animal monitoring, and in-vitro diagnostics.


Founded in 1991, Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions. Firmly committed to our mission, we employ advanced technologies and transform them into innovation adapted to clinical scenarios, bringing healthcare within reach with our sound global R&D, marketing, and service network. While improving the quality of care, we make it more accessible to a more significant part of the world.

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