"Pawsitive" Change for Veterinary Future: Mindray Animal Medical Delivers Extensive Solutions at WVC 2023


Mindray Animal Medical was excited to participate in the 95th WVC Annual Conference 2023 in Las Vegas, USA. The three-day event ( Feb 19th - 22nd ) was a fantastic opportunity for Mindray Animal Medical to share and witness discoveries and powerful innovations that alter the world of animal health. Among the industrial tycoons, Mindray Animal Medical brought cutting-edge perioperative care solution and ultrasound imaging solution for veterinary professionals in the North American market.

A Higher Altitude for Veterinary Surgical Safety: Perioperative Care Solution Leads the Way

Considering physiological differences among species, animal patients will require varying degrees of care, attention, and observation from hospital admission to discharge. Some treatment plans will include anesthesia or surgery and the perioperative period begins when an anesthetic event is deemed necessary.

The perioperative includes three stages: preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative. Each stage contains various tasks that are more efficiently and safely accomplished using specially designed equipment. Mindray Animal Medical has recognized the need for these specialty products in the field of veterinary, and our perioperative care solution portfolio offers veterinary professionals the tools they need for safety and success.

From the ePM series monitors or the TM80 Vet telemetry, to a central station for vital sign monitoring, from Veta 5 and WATO series anesthesia station with integrated ventilators to the BeneFusion VP3 Vet and BeneFusion SP3 Vet fluid pumps, Mindray Animal Medical provides exceptional veterinary-specific equipment designed to support and elevate standards in animal health care.

Mindray Animal Medical's portfolio of perioperative products allows seamless patient monitoring from admission to post-operation and ICU, enabling veterinarians to intervene and treat early. With real-time information, veterinarians can take proactive measures to ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients.

Vetus 9: The Crescendo of Ultrasound Systems for Cutting-Edge Applications

Vetus 9, the premium veterinary ultrasound, delivers fast and precise imaging of tissue motion with its revolutionary ZST+ ( ZONE Sonography Technology+ ) platform. With ZST+ as its backbone, Vetus 9 no longer settles for just "seeing clearly". Instead, it strives to meet the demands of veterinarians who require precise and comprehensive imaging solutions.

Drawing from many veterinary cases, Vetus 9 is equipped with a full set of animal presets and diagnostic solutions, allowing veterinarians to tackle even the most complex diseases with confidence.

Vetus 9's ultra-wideband non-linear ( UWN+ ) contrast imaging technology with sophisticated processing and quantitative analysis, allows veterinarians to diagnose chronic kidney, liver, pancreatic diseases, and more with greater precision.

Tissue Doppler Imaging with Quantitative Analysis (TDI QA) technology of Vetus 9 provides four modes of analysis, with the ability to analyze data from eight sampling points and provide multidimensional parameters of cardiac tissue motion, allowing veterinarians to analyze cardiac motions comprehensively.

UWN+ Contrast Imaging


Vetus 9 aims to enhance the ultrasound experience by prioritizing workflow optimization and ergonomic design. It’s meticulously crafted their software and hardware to ensure practical workflow logic before, during, and after examinations, significantly reducing unnecessary operations and saving veterinarians valuable time.

"Pawsitive" Change for Veterinary Future

As the curtains drew on the 95th WVC Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Mindray Animal Medical was proud to have shared pioneering solutions in perioperative care solution and ultrasound imaging solution with veterinary professionals in the North American market. The event provided a fantastic platform for Mindray Animal Medical to witness how discoveries and powerful innovations are reshaping the landscape of animal health.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence, Mindray Animal Medical remains dedicated to forging new paths and delivering comprehensive solutions to veterinary field. As the future unfolds, we look forward to continuing the journey of exploration and discovery, bringing forth new and innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of animal healthcare.

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