Exploring New Blue Ocean, Mindray Animal Medical Races to New Speed: Interview with Mr. Chen Xing (Raymond), General Manager of Mindray Animal Medical


In October 2021, Mindray Animal Medical moved its headquarters to the Yesun Science and Technology Park in Shenzhen, the hub for China's cutting-edge MedTech companies. In Yensun, Mindray Animal Medical hopes to enhance its R&D capabilities further and form the industrial cluster with all the other innovative leaders, working together to promote the development of the animal medical industry.

Mr. Chen Xing (Raymond)
General Manager of Mindray Animal Medical

01 Our Exploration

Q : Mindray Group has expanded into almost all countries and regions in the world, serving more than 110,000 medical institutions and 99% of top hospitals in China so far. As stated in its semiannual report for 2021, Mindray Group will focus on cultivating a niche segment in animal medical devices. Can you share the corporate-level strategy and scope?

Raymond : Mindray has been a leading global provider of medical devices and solutions for over 30 years, serving more than 190 countries and regions, with 9 R&D centers and 43 subsidiaries worldwide.

Mindray has a long-standing focus on the animal medical field. In 2005, Mindray launched its first animal-specific portable veterinary monitor, the PM-9000 Vet. Today, the pet economy is booming -- the number of pet owners is growing fast, and the pet industry has unlimited potential for development. Facing the emerging demand, in October 2020, Mindray Animal Medical was officially established as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mindray Group, hoping to become the backbone in guarding animal health. Up to now, Mindray Animal Medical has launched more than 30 products covering three major areas: medical imaging systems, in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), and patient monitoring & life support.

The establishment of Mindray Animal Medical demonstrates our determination to enter the animal medical market. By building a strong, independent, and dedicated team for the development of animal care, we can explore the industry in-depth and make our unique contribution. Establishing the technology and talent strengths upon Mindray Group, Mindray Animal Medical offers advanced medical devices and comprehensive solutions for animals, including companion animals, farm animals (for husbandry), equines, laboratory animals (for scientific research), and exotic animals (for wildlife conservation).

By leveraging Mindray Group’s years of technological accumulation in the human medical field, Mindray Animal Medical hopes to drive the progress of the entire animal medical industry with advanced medical concepts. We will align ourselves with the highest standards set by the Mindray Group, committed to becoming a global pioneer of comprehensive animal medical solutions.

02 Our Products and Services

Q : The animal medical industry is undoubtedly a “blue ocean”.   What products and services can Mindray Animal Medical provide for the animal medical industry?

Raymond : Mindray Animal Medical has done extensive research and developed comprehensive insights regarding the needs of diverse customer bases. We are proud to announce our capabilities to provide holistic solutions from diagnostics to treatments of various kinds of animals.

Medical imaging systems: these include cart-based/portable ultrasound systems, and digital radiography system. We bring veterinarians superior image quality, animal-specific imaging modalities, and an efficient and professional workflow experience. Based on our self-developed zone sonographic ZST+ platform, representing the future trend of ultrasound imaging, our ultrasound imaging system has broken through the spatial and temporal restrictions of traditional technology of ultrasound beam synthesis.

In-vitro diagnostics (IVD): Mindray Animal Medical offers solutions that can satisfy the increasing needs of all kinds of labs in veterinary institutions of different sizes, covering diverse testing fields, such as hematology analyzers, biochemical analyzer, PCR system, and urine analyzer, etc.

Patient monitoring & life support: we also provides comprehensive animal-specific solutions, including patient monitoring, anesthesia machines, endoscope system, surgical lights, and infusion systems. Our products and solutions include nearly all necessary medical equipment for the operating room.

Combining these three product lines, Mindray Animal Medical can provide more than 90% of the medical equipment needed by pet hospitals.

In addition, Mindray Animal Medical has built its veterinary training platform. We collaborate with top animal medical experts worldwide to provide veterinarians with multi-stage and multi-disciplinary training courses. Being at the nexus of a global network of clinical experts, Mindray Animal Medical hopes this platform will become the “whole life cycle” training system for all animal care providers worldwide.

03 Our Challenges and Opportunities

Q : Facing the booming animal medical industry globally, what are the challenges of Mindray Animal Medical?

Raymond : Mindray Animal Medical is committed to developing animal-specific medical devices. However, the physiological structure of different species of animals varies, which poses tremendous difficulties and challenges for our clinical R&D work.

Therefore, we have developed a strong R&D team to customize algorithms for the different physiological characteristics of a wide variety of animals. For example, our ultrasound systems are equipped with presets of ten animal species and a full range of probes for different parts of the animal’s body. Animal-specific medical devices vastly improve the efficiency of animal disease diagnosis, facilitate the work of veterinarians, and bring more health value to animals.

In addition, we must quickly translate different clinical needs of animal into product features to precisely meet the needs of our users. Our dedicated focus on the animal medical field makes Mindray Animal Medical stand out from its competitors in the industry.

04 Our Achievements

Q : Could you please share with us the achievements of Mindray Animal Medical’s exploration in the field of animal medical devices?

Raymond : During Mindray's investigation of the animal medical market, our medical experts found that most available anesthesia machines could not support ventilator function. However, maintaining ventilation for the animal patient during surgery is critical -- it could determine the success of operation.

So, we decided to "redefine veterinary anesthesia machines". In March 2021, we launched the groundbreaking Veta series of anesthesia machines equipped with an embedded ventilator, which provides integrated solutions for anesthesia and ventilation during veterinary surgery. Under the VS intelligent ventilation mode, after choosing the weight of the animal patient and pressing only one button, veterinarians could initiate the automatic process of anesthesia and simultaneous ventilation support. Veta Series is the first authentic integrated-design "anesthesia machines with ventilator" in our industry.

For in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), Mindray Animal Medical has developed the "BC-5000Vet" automated 5-part hematology analyzers (Lab Edition) with Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. As the trailblazer of our industry, "BC-5000Vet" is a true hematology flagship with dedicated algorithms for different animals and accurate 5-part WBC differentiation.

Our Vetus series for veterinary ultrasound diagnostics represents state-of-the-art technology in medical imaging systems. Vetus series have comprehensive image presets ranging from small pets to large farm animals. The Vetus series enable multiple veterinary examinations of the heart, abdomen, genital system, and musculoskeletal aspects.

We believe that good products and services speak for themselves: once veterinarians and animal health care facilities try and practice with our products, they will gain better recognition of and have faith in the brand of Mindray Animal Medical.

Veta 5


Vetus Series

05 About Mindray

Founded in 1991, Mindray is one of the leading global providers of medical devices and solutions. Firmly committed to our mission, we employ advanced technologies and transform them into innovation adapted to clinical scenarios, bringing healthcare within reach with our sound global R&D, marketing, and service network. While improving the quality of care, we make it more accessible to a more significant part of the world. Mindray has been widely recognized by many well-known medical institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, German, France, Italy, Spain, etc.

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