Grand Opening Ceremony of Mindray Animal Medical Netherland B.V


On May 30, 2022, Mindray Animal Medical Netherlands B.V. held a grand opening ceremony at the new office in Hague, Netherlands. Over 100 local partners and representatives participated in the event, including those from the Dutch Ministry, innovation and entrepreneurship associations, and other medical organizations.

The huge market demand and great opportunities in Europe drive Mindray Animal Medical Netherlands B.V. to open the branch in the Netherlands in 2022, which will become our European headquarters, given the established leadership of the Netherlands in the medical and life science sector in Europe.

Mindray Animal Medical has expanded its global footprints to more than 100 countries and regions. Along with our robust growth and expansion, our comprehensive solutions have received wide recognition by top-tier hospitals, such as RVC (Queen Mother Hospital) in the U.K., Ghent University Animal Hospital in Belgium, Centre Hospitalier Vétérinaire Frégis in France, AMC, the largest animal hospital in North America, as well as AniCura, animal hospitals and clinics chain, and IVC Evidensia Group.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The birthplace of Mindray, Shenzhen, is called "Silicon Valley" for medical devices and equipment in China. The new European home of Mindray Animal Medical - Netherlands - is a European med-tech hub with mix of dynamic and integrated culture, a place where sustainability meets innovation.

Raymond Chen

General Manager of Mindray Animal Medical

15 years ago, Mindray Group established its branch office in Netherlands. Today, we chose the same beautiful country to start up our new business here. It will provide us opportunities to integrate cutting-edge technologies and resources, and generate dynamic innovation to pursue greater goals. We're sincerely grateful for the support from all of our partners, employees, and industry experts.
Vinnie Xiong

General Manager of Mindray Animal Medical Europe

We will constantly improve to provide innovative and comprehensive animal medical solutions in Europe. As the growth engine for the animal medical market in Europe, Mindray Animal Medical Netherlands B.V. comprises four essential centers for our E.U. operation: Local Business Development Center, Training Center, After-sales Service Center for E.U. Customers, and Logistic Center of the E.U. Region.

Hans Kuijpers

Project Director of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)

Congratulations! In many ways, Mindray Animal Medical comes with a strong focus on innovation. We'd love to see your business grows bigger. I wish you all luck and good business success in the future! And I hope Dutch people and European people will love your products, and you will be very successful!
Congratulatory Messages from Our Partners
Great support! Great company! Great organization!

This industry had a big improvement forward. There is a concept called One Health, which unifies human and veterinary. It's important to understand veterinarians' needs, give special support to help the development before the R&D.
Innovation and Integration Spark New Journeys

In the transformation era of animal medical technology, Mindray Animal Medical keeps seeking opportunities to advance new technology, employ efficient management workflow, and exchange new ideas. Meanwhile, we integrate international and local experts to provide systematic lectures and hands-on training opportunities. We are committed to facilitating comprehensive and continuous education and communication among the veterinary communities in Europe and beyond.

Local Training and Demonstration

As the After-sales Service Center and Logistic Center in the E.U. Region, the local customer service team from Mindray Animal Medical Netherlands B.V. could quickly and efficiently reach our European customers to fulfill accessories, service, and orders. With highly motivated staff and good warehouse facilities, Mindray Animal Medical Netherland B.V can take advantage of its geographical location to connect Shenzhen and European countries.

Guest Visiting

Mindray Animal Medical has received official attention and support from relative Dutch parties. In May, Mr. Michiel Bierkens, Consul General of the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Guangzhou, and Ms. Ying Sun, Senior Project Manager of Southern China, Hong Kong, and Macau of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), visited our headquarters in Shenzhen and excitedly delivered congratulatory messages.

Mr.Michiel Bierkens and Ms.Chen Ying visited our Shenzhen Headquarters

Mr. David Yin, President of Mindray Animal Medical, and Mr. Aaron Lin, Executive Deputy General Manager, showed them around our showroom and mass manufacturing center, in which our valued guests learned more about our brand history, innovative technologies, R&D, and our strictly controlled mass-manufacturing process.

Thank You

We are grateful to have the following guests and Mindray executives who joined the celebration with us: Mr. Hans Kuijpers, Project Director of Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA); Ms.Angélique Uding, Senior Project Manager of NFIA; Mr. Li Feng, President of Dutch Chinese Enterprises Association and General Manager of ICBC Amsterdam Branch; Ms. Sun Xiaoling, Senior Account Manager Asia of Innovation Quarter; Mr. Fan Fang, General Manager of Shenzhen Mindray Northwest Europe. Ms. Eveline Steenbergen, General Manager of WTC Den Haag, and Mr. Sander Wallaart, Senior Commercial Manager of WTC Den Haag, also congratulated the opening of our Netherlands B.V.

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