Mindray Animal Medical spearheads stray animal protection, embarking on the mobile animal medical clinic.


On Sep. 21, 2022, Mindray Animal Medical donated 155,000 CNY (22,000 USD) worth of medical devices to Beijing TaiDaQuan Stray Dog Care Center, supported by the China Small Animal Protection Association (C.S.A.P.A). The one-stop solution of "Mobile Animal Medical Clinic" better equips animal protection organizations and grassroot communities in medical care and disease prevention. The Mobile Animal Medical Clinic offers one-stop veterinary solutions to grassroots communities in medical care and disease prevention. It is equipped with the best class diagnostic equipments.

Protect Stray Animals

Promote Primary Animal Care

With the increasing demand, social changes, and booming veterinary market, companion animals have become increasingly popular in our community. Meanwhile, the population of stray animals increases from the loss of household pets, animal abandonment, and irresponsible breeding practices. Unlike companion animals, homeless animals are deprived of essential medical care and services such as neutering procedures and routine physical examinations.

Nowadays, China protects and manages stray animals by actively engaging charitable welfare organizations, regional stray animal care centers, and caring enterprises. As sterilizations and examinations for homeless animals are often subject to the availability of operating environments and medical devices, a replicable and sustainable solution is undoubtedly necessary without delay.

Mindray Animal Medical Donated 155,000 CNY (22,000 USD) of Medical Devices to C.S.A.P.A

Donation Certificate

Zhang Haiqiang

Secretary General, C.S.A.P.A

Animal welfare is now developing in China, and we are glad that industry leaders like Mindray Animal Medical takes the initiative to provide solutions and generous donations for the rescue of homeless animals.

The Mobile Animal Medical Clinic is a convenient and safe solution facilitating animal medical care services to grassroots communities. Therefore, homeless animals will receive medical care equally to their companion counterparts.

Liu Lang

Secretary General, Beijing Small Animal Veterinary Association

In 2006, we initiated the stay animal sterilization campaign. Many veterinary organizations are actively involved at that time. We have long been anticipating the mobile animal medical clinic that accommodates a team of professional volunteers to work with homeless animals in various regions.

Donation Ceremony

With Medical Technology

Sharing love to the animals

The donated medical devices include the hematology analyzer, biochemical analyzer, anesthesia machine, and monitor, meeting the basic needs of small animal hospitals for diagnosis, treatment, and surgery.

Mindray Animal Medical works with veterinarians to design a unique solution. The medical devices fit inside the mobile vehicle must meet the practical aspects of disinfection and sealing, portable transportation, power supply, heat preservation-moisturization, and stability in a challenging environment. The result is an exceptional mobile animal medical clinic serving various animal centers and communities.

"Mobile Animal Medical Clinic" Solution

Wang Jingtao

Head, Beijing TaiDaQuan Stray Dog Care Center

We need more frontline social forces to solve the root cause of the homeless animal problem. The mobile animal medical clinic can quickly enter the communities and animal shelters, expanding social education and animal rescue efforts.

The Mindray Animal Medical engineers provided on-site medical device operation training to the staff and volunteers of the Beijing TaiDaQuan Stray Dog Care Center. Mindray Animal Medical follows up with the facilities, conducts experiments, adjusts parameters for new application scenarios, and optimizes the solution.

Gong Hai'ou

Founder, New Renren Animal Hospital (Beijing)

Veterinarian is not just a profession; they also bear the social responsibility of animal care. We appreciate Mindray Animal Medical's support and are more motivated in public services.

At the ceremony, the medical team from New Renren Animal Hospital (Beijing) conducted a sterilization operation on the mobile vehicle safely and efficiently, which was highly appalled by the professionals and volunteers in the audience. This procedure marked the beginning of the public service journey.

Sterilization Operation On-site

Live in Harmony with Animals

Provide the Best Animal Care Across China

Mindray Animal Medical, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mindray Group, is dedicated to the core power of animal health protection. Mindray Animal Medical strives to deliver innovative products and solutions that meet clinical circumstances. Whether sophisticated devices pursued by large hospitals or convenient and robust devices necessitated by the "mobile medical clinic," Mindray Animal Medical will continually support our veterinarians as an all-around assistant in dealing with all animal health needs.

Zhou You

General Manager of CN Region, Mindray Animal Medical

Mindray Animal Medical has always been active in fulfilling its social responsibilities and is committed to offering equal access to high-quality healthcare for various animals. We sincerely hope this donation will help the veterinarians and those who care to improve the medical care for homeless animals.

The donation is our starting point, and we will keep going. Mindray Animal Medical and the C.S.A.P.A will work together to promote the "mobile animal medical clinic" throughout China and make the solution an essential platform for animal rescue, community-based disease prevention, advertising, and science education. Thus, we can make high-quality animal medical resources accessible to more regions and improve animal care services at the basic level-communities.

Hao Shuai

Manager of North CN Region, Mindray Animal Medical

We want the "mobile animal care clinic" to get moving; so that we can support veterinarians in their public services, bring innovative ideas for the benign development of the pet industry, and provide quality care for shelter animals.

Mindray Animal Medical is committed to animal care. It will continue to bring innovative solutions to the veterinary industry with cutting-edge technologies;and ensure a good quality of lives for all.

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