Mindray in Action to Combat COVID-19


The newly-emerged epidemic pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the biggest concern in China and the very focus of public attention around the world. As a company with the mission to “advance medical technologies to make healthcare more accessible”, Mindray has immediately responded with multiple actions.

Mindray has donated a total amount of about 1.57 million USD’s worth of medical devices to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital, two make-shift hospitals for the treatment of novel coronavirus patients. From Jan 25 to Feb 6, Mindray completed the installation of over 3,000 units of devices against time as Huoshenshan and Leishenshan completed the construction on Feb 2 and Feb 6 respectively.

The demand for quality medical devices also staggeringly soared across the whole nation. As the leading provider of medical devices and solutions in China, Mindray has allocated resources efficiently and spared no efforts to ensure the timely supply of devices urgently needed. Till Feb 17, Mindray has delivered over 35,000 units of medical devices to help nationwide hospitals and caregivers to combat the novel coronavirus.

Part of Mindray products installed in Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals

Frontline: Quick Response in the Shortest Possible Time

At the very early stage of the epidemic outbreak, Mindray Wuhan Subsidiary proactively arranged over 200 service engineers to check the status of over 20,000 Mindray devices installed across Hubei Province. An emergency plan was also carried out to ensure the supply to regions badly affected by COVID-19 in Hubei.

Mindray engineers delivered medical devices to hospitals in Wuhan

And when the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital just started, colleagues from sales, marketing and customer service departments in Mindray Wuhan Subsidiary made coordinated efforts, round the clock, to put together a total solution for the whole hospital. After obtaining the approval by the hospital, Mindray quickly established a front-line team with more than 100 members, including Mindray customer service engineers, clinical application training engineers and engineers from distributors. They were divided into the groups of professional installation, trainings and logistics support to start work on the configuration, logistics and installation.

Mindray engineers installed the devices at Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospitals

The customer service team performed lean management, by allocating the responsibility of transportation, installation and after-service to the corresponding group leaders. Though the construction site was very crowded with all kinds of people involved in the Huoshenshan Hospital’s construction, thanks to a meticulous plan, Mindray team worked in an orderly and coordinated manner. What’s more, since time was extremely tight, Mindray team members worked in shifts, with no less than 50 engineers in each shift, to keep the installation on the go and, eventually to finish all the tasks in time.

A Comprehensive Solution Meets Various Demands

In response to complicated and special clinical demands of front-line hospitals, Mindray has offered an optimal comprehensive solution across Patient Monitoring & Life Support, In-Vitro Diagnostics and Medical Imaging System in the shortest time.


Safe ICU
● By combining invasive and non-invasive ventilation in one device, Mindray’s ventilators can meet patients’ needs of different acuity levels. Various protective ventilation strategies and tools are available to care for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) patients, such as Vt/IBW, C20/C, low flow PV tool and lung recruitment tools including sustained inflation.
● Industry-leading multi-parameter patient monitors provide comprehensive bedside monitoring for infected patients, with a series of smart Clinical Assistive Applications (CAAs) to help with clinician’s prevention, diagnosis and treatment against cross-infections and complications. The versatile, compact transport patient monitor also makes it easy to realtimely monitor the patient’s vital signs during intra- and inter-hospital patient transport.
● Precise infusion therapy is enabled by Mindray infusion pumps to make sure that every patient enjoys individualized critical care.

Integrated Data
● The comprehensive IT solution allows Mindray’s bedside devices, particularly the ventilators and infusion systems, to be inter-linked and seamlessly interfaced with the hospital’s information system to ensure a high level of visibility and continuity of patient data anywhere, in any time. ● Integrated display of patient data on one screen allows caregiver’s easy viewing outside the ICUs to prevent cross-infections, and makes it possible for remote doctor consultation.
● During patient transport, Mindray’s IT solution also secures seamless patient monitoring, and gap-free data transfer and upload to improve the efficiency and outcomes of patient care workflow.


Hematology solution (BC-6800Plus, BC-5390CRP)
● The Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) reported on Mindray BC-6800Plus and C-reactive protein (CRP) by BC-5390CRP are effective predictors for severe cases of patients with COVID-2019 infection.
● The closed tube sampling design can protect laboratory technicians from risks of infection.
● The high level of automation helps improve efficiency of CBC+CRP testing.

Chemistry and immunoassay solution (SAL 9000, CL-6000i)
● Mindray provides reliable chemistry and immunoassay solution to assist in the treatment and management of patients with COVID-19 infection in the testing of PCT, diabetes, hypertension, etc.
● Reaction compartment maintenance free design, reducing biological pollution and risks of infection
● Dedicated STAT port and transport line
● Efficient sample loading and unloading, up to 600 samples capacity

Microbiology solution (TDR-X120, TDR-300B Plus)
● Mindray provides reliable microbiology solution for management of secondary bacterial/fungal infections in Coronavirus-infected patients at the later stage of pneumonia treatment.
● Blood culture: Colorimetry can achieve sensitive and rapid detection of secondary infection pathogens.
● ID&AST: Microbroth dilution helps provide multiple and accurate results for individualized anti-infection treatment.


Ultrasound disinfection solution (TE series)
● Unique transducer tracking function, Z-tracking records the transducer usage and basic patient information, which is helpful for hospital tracing and infection control.
● Seamless touchscreen and screw-less design avoids residue of disinfectant.
● Cable management avoids contamination caused by cable hanging down to the floor.
● 10-second screen locking feature for cleaning even during exams provides the convenience of infection control.
● Extensive and comprehensive list of product-compatible disinfectants: The most commonly used disinfectants in the world have been tested which reaches up to over 60.

Smart cardiopulmonary assessment solution: ultrasound assists in the diagnosis of severe pneumonia
● Facing ARDS, ultrasound’s lung exam mode helps clinicians to make rapid and precise diagnosis. Following up on that, Mindray’s Smart B-line on our newly launched TE7 ACE automatically calculates B-lines number, percentage, and distance which provides a comprehensive lung evaluation for clinicians to understand the progression of the disease and assess the pulmonary function.
● Facing septic shock, ultrasound helps to quickly assess patients’ volume responsiveness and status:
➢The Smart IVC on TE7 ACE automatically traces the IVC diameter change, and calculates the Collapsibility Index or Distensibility Index and IVC Variation, helps for volume status and responsiveness.
➢The Smart VTI on TE7 ACE automatically calculates the Velocity Time Integral, Cardiac Output and Stroke Volume Variation which helps to prevent hypoperfusion or tissue edema caused by insufficient or excessive circulating blood volume.

Coordinated Efforts Ensure Timely Supply and Delivery
The fight against the coronavirus on the frontline needs the strong support from the back end. Mindray has carried out efficient coordination across supply chains, manufacturing, logistics, delivery, installation and trainings to ensure a seamless workflow.

On the third day of Chinese Spring Festival holiday, Mindray Guangming Manufacturing Center already resumed work to ensure the timely supply of Mindray products.

Mindray Guangming Manufacturing Center

Not only in Wuhan, in order to fully cooperate with the control and prevention of COVID-19 across other regions, all Mindray subsidiaries in China immediately established emergency teams, involving production, customer service, technical support, and clinical training. All people are standing by 24/7 in case of any urgent request for our service and ensure that all devices in use are functioning properly. For urgently needed ventilators, patient monitors, infusion pumps, anesthesia machines, defibrillators, portable ultrasound system and other IVD equipment, Mindray has been and always will be working tirelessly to ensure the timely supply.

Mindray is ready to make extra donations and will always be committed to offering high-quality products to all regions. We firmly believe this epidemic will be brought under control. With joint efforts, we can win the battle against this common enemy to all humankind.

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