Protecting Our National Treasure: The Giant Panda

Mindray develops and designs our products based upon the characteristics of the giant panda, which can greatly benefit our clinical practices.Huang Wenjun, Veterinarian from Veterinary Hospital, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

The giant panda, known as China's "national treasure", is a rare and endangered species of wild animals that is only living in China and has a total remaining number of less than 2,000. To protect this endangered species from extinction, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, or Panda Base, is making continuous contributions to giant panda captive breeding to increase their population. At the same time, Panda Base is also working on training giant pandas to survive in the wild to rejuvenate the population outside captivity.

The job of veterinarians at Panda Base is to look after and breed giant pandas. They need to run a daily health check on giant pandas to prevent them from diseases, so they’re looking for a way that can help them diagnose more accurately and efficiently.

Aware of the challenges faced by Panda Base, Mindray Chengdu R&D Center collaborated closely with these panda veterinarians to develop the BC-5000Vet 5-Diff Auto Hematology Analyzer, which is designed with a special mode to test the blood samples of giant pandas based on their characteristics. This device has greatly improved the efficiency of blood tests for disease prevention and treatment.

In addition, Mindray has supported Panda Base with the BS-240Vet Chemistry Analyzer, M9Vet Portable Ultrasound System, BeneView T1 Patient Monitor, PM9000 Vet Patient Monitor to ensure comprehensive medical services are available for the pandas.

Today, Panda Base has become one of China’s major research bases for relocation and protection of endangered wild animals such as giant pandas, playing a significant role in improving the wellbeing of the national treasure. Sharing the same enthusiasm to protect this adorable yet threatened species on earth, Mindray will continue our partnership with veterinarian experts to provide high-quality healthcare service for the better quality of giant panda’s lives.

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