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While the coronavirus pandemic is causing concern and distress on a global scale, Italy remains the worst affected country in Europe. According to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Recourse Center, the country has reported 110,574 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 13,155 lives lost from the virus as of April 2. Behind these is the country’s crumbling health care system.

The Chinese government extends a helping hand to Italy by sending over medical experts and supplies, and Mindray, as a leading global medical provider headquartered in China, also provides support in various ways to help the country battle the coronavirus.

The company has been working around the clock in a bid to deliver the medical equipment and solutions which Italy urgently needs to save lives. In addition to providing life-saving medical supplies, Mindray has also organized over 20 online webinars, inviting frontline medical experts from China to exchange first-hand experience and clinical knowledge of COVID-19 prevention and patient treatment with health care professionals from Italy.

With its health system under severe pressure, Italy is seeking to procure as many much-needed medical supplies as it can to work against the virus spread. As an important player in the European market trusted by prestigious healthcare facilities, Mindray has recently won the bidding of the Italian government procurement, which involves around 10,000 units of medical devices, with patient monitors, ventilators and ultrasound systems among them.

Mindray staff is checking the first package of supplies for Italy

Upon receiving the request, Mindray immediately mobilized all resources in the race against time. Its manufacturing center in Shenzhen scaled up capacity, while the warehouses in Hong Kong spared no effort to ensure on-time delivery. The first shipment, including around 5,000 patient monitors and 400 ventilators, were handed over to Italy on March 28-only 15 days after the bidding. In just two days, all the devices have been installed in hospitals in the hardest-hit areas. The second shipment will be landed in the following weeks and start their life-saving mission in the invisible battle.

With more than 300 local employees, Mindray has a well-established service network in Europe, which allows us to quickly respond to public health emergencies and address the changing needs of different customers. Living up to its reputation as a innovator, Mindray have been widely recognized for the reliable performance of their products, and is thus trusted as one of the major medical suppliers to support COVID-19 patients.

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