Professional Veterinary DR Imaging System

VetiX S300 Series

Empowering Diagnosis
Enhancing Care
# Models include: VetiX S300, VetiX S380

VetiX S300 Series

Based on observation and investigation of veterinary DR application, the professional veterinary DR Imaging system VetiX S300 Series is released by applying industry-leading DR technology, greatly enabling the veterinary clinical application of X-ray system.

VetiX S300 Series brings innovations in terms of High Quality, Professional Expertise, and Easy Operation. It provides advanced functions such as iShotHelper, for positioning guidance, iVocal for voice-controlled exposure. It also has customized designs for veterinarians and simplified operation, such as iFast, for one-key turn on/off, iSolo for single operator workflow, dramatically increase the work efficiency.

Adhere to Mindray Human DR Standards Technology Innovation 30+

High-frequency Inverter High-voltage Generator

Ultra-high-frequency Inverter: 460kHz

Enhance radiation quality, reduce radiation noise and improve image quality


Professional Positioning Guidance

Detailed guidance and accurate positioning


Voice-controlled Exposure

Enable efficient capturing and provide comprehensive care for animals


One-key Power On and Off
Fast Power On and Off

Reducing operational errors caused by complex start-up procedures


Single-operator Workflow

Save manpower and improve efficiency

#Touchscreen is Optional

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