Veterinary HD Rigid Endoscopy System

Vetina CS3

Medical Quality, Veterinary-Specific

Mindray Animal Medical are committed to offering human standard equipment and provides an animal-specific endoscope system with 1080P Full HD imaging by meeting demands of vets.


Full Optical Bonding Medical Monitor


3-chip CMOs Sensor 2X Optical Zoom


Built-in USB Recording


lmage Presets for Four Different Procedures


Four Insufflation Modes Available

Medical Quality

Vetina camera head suitable for veterinary practice
  • Exclusive design to help keep balance
    Lightweight, reduces surgeon fatigue during long procedures
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
    Submersible for cleaning & disinfection

Zoom ring

Focus ring

Optical Zoom
Ensures Less Image Artifact
  • Focal length: 14-30mm,2X optical zoom withoutlosing quality

2X optical zoom

2X electronic zoom

3-Chip CMOS Powerful Image Processing Device

Compared with CCD, CMOS has better light sensitivity and less noise. The sensors process the three primary colors separately, presenting more realistic colors and clearer organization details, while realizing zooming and focusing simultaneously.

CMOs performance

CCD performance

Powerful image post-processing technology
  • Brightness level adjusts automatically for immediate identification of hemorrhage
  • Effectively reduces motion blur
  • Image presets for four different procedures
27" Full Optical Bonding Medical Monitor
  • Medical standard
  • Full sealed: allowing wipe disinfection, prevent moisture getting into the display
  • LOCA bonding: Better transparency, anti-glare, 178 degree viewing angle
Optical Bonding Panel Technology
Suppress the reflection and retraction of light

LOCA bonding panel

Normal panel


Veterinary Insufflator —— Vetina GS3
  • Mindray's exclusive algorithm provides stable pressure
  • Preset values specific for veterinary medicine
  • Four insufflation modes available
Low-cost After Sales Service
Maintenance-free LED Light Source —— Vetina LS3
  • Equivalent to 300W xenon light source
  • Compatible with third-party light cable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Service life of 10,000 surgeons

10000 surgeons

LED light source

Built-in USB Recording
  • FHD photo capture and video recording
  • Easy recording with just one click
  • Convenient sharing and clear projection display on academic events
  • Meets advertising demands of private animal hospitals
Anti-Fogging HD Endoscope


* 25 ~ 150mm

extended depth of field

Special anti-fog



avoids lens distortion


Suitable for veterinary applications

* Marked as LP5430M Endoscope parameters
LP530 Endoscope's depth of field is 10-100mm

Endoscopes & Consumables For Different Procedures
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